Thursday, July 28, 2011

Borders is closing ....

And I could care less. I'm sorry but I am totally a Barnes & Noble girl. I did go over to Borders on Sunday for the big blowout savings, and was sorely disappointed. The "savings" for their everything must go sale is the same discount I get at Barnes & Noble for being a member. Not just that but a lot of the "savings" were a regular discount for non-members at Barnes & Noble. I did wind up buying 2 blurays for the hubby to realize the next day that yet again I was misled by their "savings" and spent the same amount I would've at Barnes & Noble.

The only thing I do slightly care about is that we have lost another brick and mortar store. I'm a paper reader, not an e-reader. I prefer books to e-books.

The last email I did receive was a little more honest about the savings it said 20-40% off, instead of the everything must go up to 40% off (see the misleading sizes?) email I first received.

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